The Only Payroll Created For SMEs. is an inspiring new payroll and work assignment tool. Now, you and your team can Seamlessly plan your payday while staying on top of your prioritized tasks.


Workwage is so easy

spend time on what matters, pay salaries and commissions seamlessly, collaborate and do everything work in one place.

We asked company owners what they needed from a payroll tool

We found out there was hardly anything affordable designed to pay in-office, contract staff as well manage productivity. So we create the payroll plus tool for business to gear you for success.

Pay salaries makes it easy for you to pay salaries for both in house staff and remote workers on the fly without hassle in an interactive and user friendly way.


Manage employees

Onboard all your employees on one platform and keep track of only what matters to your company finance and never lose track of  anything important.

Manage Workflow

Bored with taking task back and forth using several tools? puts and end to all that. simply manage task, routines and chats from one dashboard.

Easy Reporting

Get your entire payroll report on a fine dashboard at the click on a button. No more papers, printing and boring note taking all  for the sake of writing reports.

Pay salaries

Enjoy seamless and easy salary and contract payment with just a few clicks.

Anywhere access

Enjoy 100% cloud based payroll. Access your data Anywhere, Anytime and on Any device

Reclaim your time

Continuous payroll calculations, easy to deploy and maintain plus intelligent workflow.

Employee Dashboard

Simple and easy dashboard for employee to manage communication, lookup salary, bonus, task and soon make investment.

Manage employee

No, worries if you have 5k employees. Manage all of them from one dashboard.

Manage Workflow

Easily manage task, communications, take note, generate invoices plus various todos.

Seamless Report Dashboard

See everything in one gaze through our excellent graphical interface.

Lets keep your payroll coordinated and your company organized

Its so easy to get started with

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